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BlueYachtSundays is a Revolutionary new company in the maritime industry, specializing in the provision of highly skilled and experienced local workers for super yachts. Founded with a passion for connecting the right talent with the right opportunities, our agency is deeply rooted in the local maritime communities we serve. We understand the unique demands of the yachting industry and are committed to enhancing your super yacht experience by offering a personalized, local touch to your crew needs

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Our mission at BlueYachtSundays is to be the preferred partner for super yacht owners seeking a reliable, local crew. We aim to bridge the gap between the industry's demand for skilled professionals and the wealth of talent within our local communities. By prioritizing a personalized approach, we strive to create seamless connections that not only meet but exceed the expectations of both yacht owners and crew members.


At BlueYachtSundays our vision is to redefine the recruitment landscape for the yachting industry by championing the benefits of local expertise. We envision a future where every super yacht is manned by a crew that not only possesses the necessary skills but also understands the nuances of the local maritime environment. Through this vision, we aspire to contribute to the success and sustainability of the yachting industry while fostering a sense of community among crew members.

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